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We specialize in combo hunts!

These base hunt prices are effective November 1st, 2019. References are available upon request. We require a $1,500 non-refundable deposit plus licenses and applicable fees for all hunts. In the event you cancel with sufficient notice and we can rebook your hunt, the deposit can be applied to an alternative date. The balance for your hunt is due 120 days prior to arrival at William’s Lake, British Columbia, Canada. All payments to be made in US funds. All prices are per hunter plus licenses, tags, royalties and applicable fees.


Base Hunt Prices. Type - 2 hunters, 1 guide

Single HuntsDates5 Days6 Days
Spring Black Bear 5/1 - 5/30 $3,900 N/A
Mule Deer
9/1-9/10 $3,900 N/A
Mule Deer
9/10 - 10/31 $3,900 N/A
Mule Deer
4 point Trophy Only
11/1 - 11/30 $4,500 N/A

All funds are US, licenses not included.
Non-Hunter Guests $200 per day


Base Hunt Prices. Type - 1 hunter, 1 guide

Combo HuntsDates5 Days7 Days
Cougar, Wolf 12/1 - 3/31 N/A $7,900
Cougar, Deer 11/15 - 12/10 N/A $8,900
Single HuntsDates5 Days7 Days
Cougar 12/1 - 3/31 N/A $7,900
Lynx 12/1 - 12/31 N/ $7,900

All funds are US, licenses not included.
Non-Hunter Guests $225 per day


License and Fees

SpeciesUS Funds
Black Bear $625
Mule Deer $625
Black Bear, Mule Deer $775
Moose, Mule Deer $825
Moose, Bear, Deer $925
Moose, Deer, Wolf $900
Cougar $825
Cougar/Mule Deer $925
Ground Transportation $100
Fuel Surcharge $250
Conservation Fee $100
Royalty Fee $50

License fees are subject - change.


Additional Tags

Wolf $75
Lynx $75
Grouse $75
Black Bear $250
White Tail Deer $175
Fishing License * Rod Days $120

Non-hunter guest fee $225/day.

Wolf, Coyote, Grouse hunting, and Fishing can be added to your hunt when in season for only the cost of license, tag and rod days. License and fees include general hunting license, big game tags, royalties, conservation enhancement fees.

Prices and dates subject to change without notice.