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Where in British Colombia are you located?

Cougar Creek Lodge is nestled deep within the Canadian wilderness. The closest town to us is called Williams Lake, which is approx 150 Miles south of Prince George on Hwy 97. It's about a 6 hour drive north of the Washington state boarder, for those hunters wanting to drive.  


How big is your territory?

Spanning over 2.4 million acres of prime hunting territory in the Cariboo Region, we are proud to offer premier hunting experiences at affordable prices. Our territory is hailed in the record books, including Boone & Crockett, for having many of the continent’s largest big game trophies.


What will the weather be like?

The average temp in Sept is 50F, lows can be 40F. Oct average is 40F, lows can be 30F.
Check the 10-Day Forecast.


How do I reserve a hunt date?

Your date will be reserved as soon as we receive your deposit and completed hunter reservation form.


Do you offer airport pickup?

If you are flying in, the closest airport to us is in Williams Lake and we will pick you up at this airport. The two airlines that fly into Williams lake are Central Mountain Air and Pacific Coastal Airlines. Please arrange your flight to arrive the first day of your scheduled hunt and depart on the last day of your scheduled hunt.


Can I drive?

Absolutely! What better way to start your hunting trip than with a road trip? Williams Lake is a 6 hour drive north of the Washington state boarder. We meet all our hunters at the local Fraser Inn in Williams Lake between 2:00 and 3:00 PM an the arrival day of your scheduled hunt before guiding you back to our secluded, serene Lodge. Start mapping your adventures today!

Coast Fraser Inn
285 Donald Rd
Williams Lake, BC V2G 4K4, Canada
Phone: +1 250-398-7055


How much game should I expect to see?

Moose in the area has produced some of the greatest opportunity year over year on our territory especially during the prime dates. We also have a healthy population of black bear and a growing population of trophy size mule deer. Additionally, lots of Wolf, Lynx, White Tail, and Cougar call our territory home.  


How do you handle taxidermy?

Our local taxidermist is Wildlife Designs by Stephen Rutherford


Do I have to wear orange?

There are currently NO regulations requiring orange, red, yellow, or white safety clothing while hunting in British Columbia, Canada.


How do I transport my gun into Canada?

You will need to fill out the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form CAFC 909


What should I pack for my hunting trip?

We will mail you a check-list of everything you need to pack for your hunting adventure. You may also download and print out our Hunters Equipment Check List here!


I have not received a confirmation letter, who do I contact?

You can call or text Jennifer at (305) 849-0360 or [email protected]


How much does it cost to ship and process the game?

We will field-dress the game for you. The local butcher will cut and vacuum-wrap the meat for about $1.10/lb. Shipping is not possible since the Customs will only the holder of the tags to cross the border with their game. We have local places to donate the meat to if you plan on flying. Please call our local butcher, Franks Custom Meats, 1-250-396-7772, for more information and prices.


What are the regulations for bringing Wild Game Meat back to the USA?

You can find more information on the regulations here on the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Website.


Are your hunts guaranteed?

Although there are no guarantees in life, we will do our best to make your hunt a successful one. All of our guides have many years of experience with the terrain they are hunting. We know you are spending your hard-earned money to enjoy the sport you love and will provide you with the greatest opportunities to acquire your game, but we can not guarantee you will go home 100% successful as much as we could not guarantee your favorite team will win their next football game.


How are your hunts conducted?

We have over a million acres of territory that we can cover.  The best way to cover this ground is in a crew cab 4x4 pickup.  Your guide will take you out the logging roads of our territory in a crew-cab 4x4 pickup to hunt and stalk from the road. Baiting is not allowed.


What is the terrain like?

We are located in the Fraiser River Valley. We have some rolling hills but most of the terrain is relatively easy to traverse. The altitude is around 2000ft. We hunt mostly clear-cuts and some swampy areas.


What are the accommodations like?

Cougar Creek lodge has a total of 6 bedrooms each with 2 single beds. They are located on the lowest floor of the lodge.  There are also 2 bathrooms with showers and toilet.  We also have  laundry machines you may use.  WIFI and cable TV is available.